Our Story

It all started with a cup of coffee and a passion for wellness. 

Having always shared a love for health, wellness, and nutrition, we couldn't help but pay attention to the fact that most of us forget to take the vitamin pills, gummies, and powders we have in our cupboards. However, what we don't forget as easily, is that beautiful daily dose of coffee that kick-starts our day. That lightbulb moment came while drinking a cup of coffee - what better way to get those vital nutrients than with that very cup of coffee we know and love.

We do not promise any superhero stuff but we do promise help make you a little bit healthier, one sip at a time.  We cannot wait for you to try Coffee Booster, and join us as we make healthy living Easy!


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Why Coffee Booster?

We knew there had to be a better, easier way for people to get the nutrient boost they were after.

The better way was Coffee Booster - a flavourless health booster that blends seamlessly into your choice of hot beverages.

The Coffee Booster formulation

Now available in 6 formulations, Coffee Booster was formulated using heat-stable ingredients that could change the way health-conscious people could consume supplements. Through research with various hot beverages, the Coffee Booster team finally discovered the unique fact that the character of coffee completely masked any residual odor or flavour produced by the liquid supplements. Coffee Booster was born.

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